Hoppa till innehållet

What are fashionable words today have been an integral part of Svantes Vilt since the start. Game, birds and mountain fish are as ecological as they come, and it would never occur to us to add anything foreign to the meat. Likewise - short transports are completely natural to us.

Our products are prepared in the spirit of tradition through smoking, drying and raw spicing. These preparation methods offer superb taste and keep the products naturally fresh. Keeping food fresh was crucial for the Sami people in the old days, and nowadays it makes life easier for the diet-conscious outdoorsman.

Milder game

But what's perhaps most important is what we like to call "milder game". This means that we always let the reindeer relax for a few days before we bring them in for slaughter - an important ingredient that contributes to the final product's great quality and taste.

Respect is a key word for us. Respect for the animals, which are the company's vital force. Respect for the reindeer trade and hunting traditions that supply us with the raw products and, of course, respect for the people who enable the company to thrive and grow


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