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Besides eating for taste when you eat game, you also eat for health. Game has lower fat content and contains many more minerals. The mountain fish also contains healthy polyunsaturated fats. There is a cultural health aspect as well: The slow food movement has hailed suovas as a product that promotes tradition, thus making its preservation important. Today suovas is on The Ark of Taste, a list of traditional foods that are produced in a sustainable manner with a unique taste and cultural and historical value.

We at Svantes Vilt process first class primary products as a craftsman would. We have preserved and developed the culture, history and traditions of preparing game. Traditional techniques such as smoking, drying and raw spicing are taken one step further, and today we have several specialities of which we are especially proud. We cannot think of anything better than frying a piece of suovas over an open fire. Or cutting a piece of dried reindeer meat to enjoy while skiing.

If you have a specific request we can cut the game to your liking. Processed reindeer meat is our speciality, but we have other game as well such as moose, bear, beaver, bird and mountain fish. Smoked, dried, raw spiced or fresh – you choose, we deliver!


Our acclaimed products

Sjaunja spiced raw reindeer topside

An extravagant taste sensation - so tender it melts in your mouth. Preferably used as appetisers, aperitifs or just as it is.

Dried reindeer meat

Air-dried and light-smoked - the old classical way to eat reindeer meat. The Same people brought dried reindeer meat and coffe with them in their backpacks during their work at the mountains and could hence handle their food needs during a long time. To be eaten in thin slices.

Cold-smoked-dried reindeer joint

Rump steak cut from chosen reindeer joints in the way used for hunderds of years but with the hygiene demands of today. Used with advantage in first courses and as thin slices with a good beer.

Warm-smoked-dried reindeer joint

Works well as snack with a good drink or eaten as it is in slices. Even more thicker slices works well as the warm-smoked-dried reindeer joint is so tender.


Light-smoked - this is the given favourite for the outdoor life. As it does not require any salt or spices when fried it is perfect for a fast dinner - bot outdoor in the wild and at the stove at home.

Smoke-dried reindeer shoulder

Warm-smoked-dried reindeer shoulder is perfect as sandwich topping and i salads. Since we keep the shoulder bone during the drying we get a really tender meat.

Dried moose meat

Our old classical drying in a new version. The moose is bought from our local hunters. Then our competent staff dries the moose according to all known rules. The taste is very similar to dried reindeer but with a slighter coarser structure. To be eaten in thin slices.

Cold-smoked-dried moose joint

Our old classical smoking without heat, which gives more flavour to the tender moose meat. By mixing modern methods and classical craftmanship, we are able to offer you this delicacy.

Bear meat

Svantes is one of few butcheries in the north of Sweden that processes bear meat. Contact us for more information about quartered or processed products. The example in the image is flat-smoked-dried bear joint.


We offer gift packs in two sizes. The small gift contains three products for a price of 350 SEK (appr. € 40), and the big gift with at least four products is at sale for 450 SEK (appr. € 50). The image shows some of the delicacies you can find in the gift pack. Contact us with your order and delivery request



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